Understand Our Process

We ground our process in your happiness and enjoyment, understanding that designing a custom home may be a once in a lifetime event that should inspire.

Our process guides us from first introductions, floorplans to detailed drawings and sharing in the excitement of your new home together. Designing a home can be complex and time-consuming, but our guidance through the design process helps keep your experience positive.

Our appreciation for your individual needs, wants and lifestyle, allows us to design a home that will be an expression of your unique tastes.

Still have questions? We have answers. We offer certainty & clarity, working from a model of transparency & collaboration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Initial Meetings & First Draft - Situated in Understanding & Inspiration

When we’re first connecting, we seek to understand everything you had imagined for your home. We ground ourselves in your hopes and inspiration, discussing conceptual ideas for your home. We respect when you have a clear vision, and put ideas together when you’re uncertain.

Before we get started on designing your home, we make sure we have understood every important detail of the project including scheduling a site survey, understanding your design questionnaire and reviewing your ideas and inspiration.

Prior to commencing floor plans we complete a walk of your lot. This allows us to utilize the unique characteristics of your lot to capture the best views, sunlight, and natural contours of your land.

Once we have understood your vision and your land we begin drafting the floor plans for your home, starting with the square footage above grade.

Present Floor Plans & Revise - Collaboration & Fine Tuning

When the floor plans have been drafted, we meet with you to walk-through the concept of your home, allowing us to describe custom design details of your new space. You can start to visualize the finished product and see your wish list come to life.

We like to get it right, and will truly listen to ensure every detail has been captured.

Design Exterior Elevations & Lower Floor Plan - Create the Curb Appeal, Finesse The Details

The next step in the process is designing the exterior elevations of your home. Carefully crafted from the floor plan footprint, this is where the wow factor of your home is shared.

We develop your exterior in a three-dimensional model to elevate your experience from the limitations of two dimensional drawings. This is where your custom home really becomes yours, and its one of our favourite parts of the process.

After the approval of exterior elevations, the lower level floor plan is drafted.

Create Working Drawings - Detailed, Ready-to-Build, Beautiful.

We create some of the best working drawings in the industry, ensuring that each detail is executed with finesse and guidance.

With your home now being completely designed in its entirety, the Production Team takes over and creates the working drawings of your home. The working drawings are extensive, executed with attention to detail and can’t be rushed.

Through site visits and correspondence with your builder we stay still involved through your build. We want to ensure that your fully realized home is just how we envisioned it.

Additional Support, Permits & Appeals - We cross the T’s and dot the I’s.

Pending the location of your new home, we may need to file a Development Permit for you or directly release drawings to your builder for a Building Permit application.

If a Development Permit is required, Dean Thomas Design Group manages the process, which can take between 1 to 3 months pending no appeal or revisions after working drawings are completed.

To explore our proprietary process, reach out to us for a complimentary design questionnaire that will help guide your custom home building process.

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