We are transparent about our process. If you require clarification on any of these points, or if you have any questions left un-answered, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.



We are often able to design complete working drawings within four months.

When is a development permit required?

Often when a pre-existing home is torn down or when a community is established.

What is the difference between contextual and discretionary permit application?

A contextual permit application is as it sounds, you fit in with the context of your streetscape including details such as setbacks, side yards and height. A contextual permit adheres to design guidelines, allows no relaxations, and is restricted in size and placement by adjacent properties. SEE HERE.

A discretionary permit application allows certain requested design elements to be relaxed in a respectful manner that is still supportive of by-laws and neighbour considerations. A discretionary permit often increases processing time and reduces certainty of approval.

Who owns the plans?

While Dean Thomas maintains the rights to the CAD files, your home plans are yours. We don’t ever sell plans or re-use them. Our homes are truly custom homes and never replicated. But of course if you like details from our other houses we can pull inspiration from them.

What are my options for interior design?

At Dean Thomas Design Group, we are happy to work along side your interior designer. If you don’t have one, we have a good eye for these elements too.

We can also recommend incredible interior designers that will fit with your vision and are trusted by our team.

For exteriors, we will provide your colors and materials to align with the Dean Thomas design, at your request.

What are my options for builder integration?

You can come to us with or without a builder.

If you don’t have a builder, we will work together to design your home and provide guidance on high cost items. At your request, we can recommend builders we trust or help you qualify a builder from our experience.

If you have your builder, they are always welcome at the meetings. We want this design experience to be as positive for you as possible.