9004A Edmonton | modern | Three Storey | 3852 SQ.FT 

Behind the Design

Advancing the architectural conversation forward, this audaciously avant-garde structure was inspired by the future, conjuring visions of tomorrow through imagination and material science. Characterized by strong chromaticism and dynamic curvilinear lines, the formwork conveys motion and lyricism. A powerful opening act, the curvaceous cascading staircase was conceived as the protagonist of the front façade, with its gestures adding a theatrical quality to the hyper modern envelope. The texture of the vertical wood grating is a defining feature that serves as an articulator of space and is mimicked in other architectural elements of the composition.  The property is an irresistible grand stage; large expanses of glazing and numerous outdoor living spaces were incorporated to maximize the astounding river valley and downtown city views offered. Striking and ambitious, the design is a liveable sculpture.


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