88 Bearspaw | transitional | Two Storey | 7131 SQ.FT 

Behind the Design

Sleekly modern with a dash of industrial style, the design balances the prospect of sweeping views with a sense of refuge and intimacy. Expressed as a series of shapes, the floorplate is evocative for both its surprising form and its cleverness – creating livable space out of thin air. Utilizing suspension to a thrilling effect, the home’s west-facing wing is cantilevered dramatically from a concrete base, launching out of the landscape toward unobstructed 270-degree views of the Rocky Mountains. A defining feature of the façade, the deep overhangs have a provocative relationship with the landscape, creating dynamic shadow play throughout the day. Meant to be as diaphanous as possible, artful glazing compliments the enigmatic serenity pyramid. Intended as a personal wellness sanctuary, the zen prism draws in the surrounding nature – a luminous space for yoga, meditation, and deep relaxation.


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