503-505 Prominence Point | modern | Two Storey | 8208 SQ.FT 

Behind the Design

Prominence Point was conceived to be a self-contained oasis, a forcefully unified work of architecture formulated in response and subservience to the natural landscape. The estate was designed for a secluded inner-city property that offers dramatic downtown views and is accessed by a long, winding private road. Clearly structured and empathetic to the surrounding environment, all elements of the design combine to create an effective synthesis between the geometry of the architectural composition and the topography of the site. Drawing from a vocabulary of rugged yet refined masonry and concrete veneer, the formwork is crowned by an upper level of wood screening which allows for dappled light to register within the interior throughout the day. Extensive glazing maximizes the panoramic potential of the site and is a defining aspect of the structure’s identity. The approach from below resulted in a dramatic entryway sequence beneath unexpected built elements that create a defined sense of arrival. The floorplate boasts a total of 13,000 square feet of luxurious living space, notable features of the residence include a private spa, zen garden, gym, indoor basketball court and outdoor tennis court.


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