4427 Hillside Britannia | transitional | bungalow | 4130 SQ.FT 

Behind the Design

A fusion of traditional and modern influences, the residence projects and inviting and luxurious appearance. By balancing traditional materials with strong horizontal forms, the design combines the simplicity and openness of contemporary aesthetics with the comfort and elegance of tradition. The entry sequence brings visitors underneath a wood trellis, creating a sense of arrival while allowing dappled sunlight and shadow play within. To maximize curb appeal, three of the four garage bays are drive-under, obscuring them entirely from street view. The public and private spaces were designed as distinct wings to maintain privacy and separation while creating varied perspectives on the surrounding landscape. Simply arranged, the interior spaces are oriented to the fantastic views afforded by the property and proportioned to allow an abundance of natural light to cascade inward, infusing the home with a sense of sunny spaciousness. A bridge connects the main level wings, with a central overlook outward to harmonize the design with the surrounding landscape. The feature allowed for light and landscaping at the basement level, which was utilized to create an alluring indoor courtyard that offers a calming ambience. Sequestered from the public realm the sanctuary is enhanced with the soft reverberations of a tricking water feature and fireplace. Winner of the 5 star Canadian Property Award for Best Architecture Single Residence in 2019-2020.


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