4 Comox | modern | Two Storey | 6557 SQ.FT 

Behind the Design

This uplifting waterfront retreat is an elegant oasis of space and light. Produced by layer upon layer of sketches and study that sought to discover the existing characteristics of the site, the design does not reflect a singular concept or idea. Rather, the residence is a series of experiences crafted together and enveloped in nature’s tranquility. The dramatic lines of the modern structure wrap around a domesticated inner courtyard space, while the raw natural environment pushes in from the exterior. Within the main residence, the public and private spaces were choreographed as distinct wings to maintain privacy and separation while creating varied perspectives on the surrounding landscape. The guest house is a separate volume connected by a breezeway, creating a unified profile. Muted in colour and tone, the minimal materiality is a balanced composition in which light and transparency play an integral role. Extensive glazing incites profound dialogue with the surrounding landscape, ushering in the breathtaking panoramic views of the Strait of Georgia. Projecting a confident strength in its contemporary expression, this stunning Comox home is the pinnacle of oceanside living.


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