18526 Sonoma | transitional | Two Storey | 13,562 SQ.FT 

Behind the Design

This vineyard estate is serenity incarnate. In keeping with classic Mediterranean style, the massing of the villa was kept simple while embracing modern lines to deliver a more contemporary form. The entry sequence was imagined to be a tranquil and engaging experience, drawing the eye upward to the front door while the sound of streaming water imparts a soothing welcome to visitors as they approach the home. Separated and pulled apart, this sprawling home was conceived to be a self-contained oasis. With multiple wings and connecting courtyards, each outdoor space was designed as its own unique experiential moment, possessing an intuitive relationship to its correlating interior space.  Situated within postcard-like scenery, the estate is woven into the landscape, joining vineyard terrain, shimmering waters, and a forested settling. The form displays contemporary and agrarian aesthetics, appearing as if it was grown up out of the intersection between the surrounding distinct topographies.


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