1836 Briar Hill | transitional | Three Storey | 5415 SQ.FT 

Behind the Design

Bold expression and materiality are not lost on this residence. Canopies of cantilevered rooflines radiate out toward the expansive downtown city views. While defining the various volumes of the formwork, the horizontal rooflines enhance the contemporary expression of the design. With deep overhangs, ribbons of steel framed glazing spread in large vertical expanses across the façade, creating an elegant profile. The hide and reveal detail enclosing a spruce tree at the front of the residence is not only a functional feature, but ornament. With the staircase located at the forefront of the façade, the steel louvers mitigate the view of passersby while continuing to allow natural light to flood in through the apertures. Exuding style and strength, the design confidently makes its presence felt.


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