13620 Lake Country | transitional | Two Storey | 7285 SQ.FT 

Behind the Design

With the embrace of forest on one side and the expanse of the Okanagan Lake on the other, this design is a built manifestation of place, purposed to heighten one’s understanding and emotional experience of the land upon which it sits. Emerging from the hillside, the formwork takes musings from classic barn typology and is reinterpreted as its own contemporary iteration, refined through attuned detailing and craft. The structure’s mass was broken into individual gabled forms to reduce the overall weighted feeling onsite, resulting an arrangement that participates holistically with the site in the removal of a distinct rear or front face to the home. The vaulted ceilings of the peaked volumes provide the floorplate with a lovely sense of generosity, capturing the relationship between the containment and openness that characterizes the site. To express the structural rhythm of the dwelling, bold and extensive use of steel was utilized as a defining aspect of the overall design. The darkened form deliberately takes a step back from the surroundings, allowing the natural landscape to be heralded.


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