10533 Lake Country | transitional | bungalow | 3477 SQ.FT 

Behind the Design

With strong distinction of character, this West Coast Contemporary design is uniquely relevant to its serene surroundings. Set up within the hills of Kelowna, the formwork mimics its mountain setting. Structural detailing highlights the natural environment through a stunning collaboration of materials that mingle with cohesion and balance. The building form is composed of a muscular stone base with lighter stucco projections and dark siding infill, providing depth to the design. The incorporated steel elements bring a modern edge to the style. Inspired by the mountain peaks, slanted roof volumes highlight the fa├žade with decided excitement, elevating the functional detail into ornament. A mesmerizing infinity pool is the focal point of the rear, visually conveying fluidity and connection. Projecting a calming ambiance, the overall design is striking in its eclectic warmth.


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