Behind the Design

A product of forethought and creativity in equal measure, this master designed collection of homes is a modern reinterpretation of a brownstone streetscape. Balancing historic charm with added contemporary cool, the distinct street façade hits an elusive sweet spot that straddles past and present. These residences were designed to be a series of experiences, with the intention for each dwelling to have a unique outward presence and simultaneously appear in harmony with one another. Fluid functionality was considered in all aspects and is experienced throughout the homes’ interiors. Conceived to be smartly efficient and compact in plan, the adjacent layouts are individual to each design. The material palette evokes associations of the style’s industrial roots, with modernized aspects to bring the design to present day. Pleasing in placement and balanced in scale, the boxy silhouettes of the formwork elements create an undeniable street presence. Abundant griddled glazing retains the tall, lean proportions characteristic of traditional brownstones. The epitome of a modern-day urban borough, the streetscape is confident, cultured and full of intrigue.


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