A Modern Retreat in Bel Aire

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Dean Thomas Design Group and Rockwood Custom Homes are combining their expertise to create a modern dream home in the beautiful neighbourhood of Bel Aire. This home will rest on a large lot that offer breathtaking views of the reservoir, creating a beautiful and calm retreat for any family.

This modern home that pays homage to the Brutalist architectural style is made of grey concrete and horizontal siding made of rich dark wood. This airy modern home features crisp clean lines that give this large and spacious home an organized, uncluttered feel. Large windows allow for lots of natural light and makes this already spacious home feel even larger as the inside of the home and the surrounding yard are harmoniously blended together.

One of this home’s most notable features is the large plate glass window that showcases the stairwell. Typical homes feature stairwells that are functional and forgotten, this staircase is visually stunning, adding a unique architectural feature to this crisp and minimalist home. A large, modern chandelier not only generates light but also visually fills the often neglected space above the stairs.

The unique lighting features in this home add both light and visual appeal. Spotlight style lamps radiate light upwards along the edge of the driveway and walkway and recessed lights shine down from the eves to create a soft, welcoming glow.

The garage and driveway blend seamlessly with the rest of the house. The driveway, set below the front lawn and separated from it by a low stone wall, mirrors the terraced exterior of the rest of the house. The garage door is made of a similar dark wood to the horizontal siding, letting it blend harmoniously with the rest of the house. Because it is set lower than the rest of the house it avoids dominating the front visually, and the house is allowed instead to showcase its large windows as a focal point.

This stunning home is soon to become a reality with groundbreaking set to happen in the spring of 2016. This beautiful house could be your home upon completion, offering you and your family a place to bond and grow for decades to come. Dean Thomas Design Group specializes in custom luxury homes in Calgary, and has recently expanded to Edmonton and Saskatchewan.

Let’s sit down and begin creating the home of your dreams. Call Dean Thomas Design Group today at 403.369.1802 and visit deanthomas.ca for more information.

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