8 Little Known Facts About Earth's Architectural Treasures

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Many of us don’t think about it, but architecture has been around since the dawn of time, albeit sophistication and execution practices have evolved significantly, these ancient pieces of art are still quite noteworthy.
Here are 8 interesting architectural facts:

  1. The Incas believed that bridges were sacred and if someone damaged one, they were executed. Incas made bridges out grass, up to 40 inches in diameter and stretching over 53 meters in length.  Apparently it took 1,000 people to create these bridges and they stood for over 500 years.
  2. A bridge constructed around 1610 in Lima, Peru is appropriately called the Bridge of Eggs because it was made out of mortar and egg whites. This bridge is still standing today!
  3. The Empire State Building in NYC is comprised of 10 million bricks and during severe weather; it can sway a meter on either side.
  4. The Great Pyramid in Egypt has a base large enough to engulf 10 football fields. Greek philosopher, Herodotus, claims it took 400,000 men twenty years to build the pyramid. 
  5. The Eiffel Tower in Paris has 1,792 steps to the top and it requires a fresh coat of paint every 7 years.
  6. The world’s largest art gallery is in Russia, called the Winter Palace and Hermitage. Visitors have to walk over 24km to see all the artwork.  
  7. Stonehenge in England is 1500 years older than the Colosseum in Rome.
  8. The word architecture comes from the Greek word “arkhitekton”, which means “chief builder”.

Architecture has been part of human nature since ancient times and it’s interesting to learn about the different applications, materials and designs stood the test of time.

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